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CUTTING EDGE Fine Line Labs is interested in cutting edge technology, from quantum computing and virtual reality to space, integrating the most innovative and interesting aspects of what the human race is capable of.

We offer software and programming services, as well as data subscriptions. Check out the links above to learn about our services in Space, VR, Data and Quantum Research, or email us for a quote on your software needs: Email Us.

THE FUTURE Just like smartphones took over personal computing, Fine Line Labs is focused on disruptive technology. We delve into such things as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to name a few. Space is the new frontier, and that's why sending a satellite into low-Earth orbit was something we just had to do. Likewise, quantum computing is quickly becoming disruptive, and with current success in room-temperature qubits, we will be on the forefront of making sure this technology stays with the people, not just governments and corporations.


CUBESAT FOR DISCLOSURE We are launching a satellite into low Earch orbit (LEO) summer of 2018, and will be recording visual and radioactive data for the study of UFO/UAP's (Unidentified Flying Objects/Unidentified Arial Phenomena). This is the first time such a mission has taken place, correlating visual evidence with radiation and electromagnetic data.

You can be involved, and be one of the first observers, by subscribing to our services for $25 USD per month. You will receive login capabilities, and will be able to view the satellite data in real-time, before the public is notified of our data and discoveries.

Subscribe here for access to the CubeSat data, or email us at info@finelinelabs.com for more info:

PRODUCT INFORMATION CubeSat Data: by subscribing you will receive all data directly from our Satellite, relayed through the NSL GlobalStar network via our CubeSat modem.
Data includes: images taken by our CubeSat cameras of Earth and Space; Ionized and EM Radiation measurements.
Cost: $25 USD per month.
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