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VIRTUAL REALITY We have various virtual reality games and experiences, click on the images above for more information, or email us at info@finelinelabs.com

PAROXYSM: You are stranded, your crew and chopper down.

You can't seem to remember much, and you think there should be more of your deceased crew around.

Maybe they are around... but they're different now. They have a hunger for flesh.

Can you escape before they find you?

SPIDER FOREST: You are alone in an alien forest, with a weapon and a dune buggy, and there are creatures... eight legged creatures, thirsty for YOU!

Terrifying VR Virtual Reality experience, use your Gamepad to help drive through the dark forest, as an army of giant spiders try to devour you.

Shoot them before they get you!!!

GHOST SHIP: Use your cannon to keep the Pirates away as long as you can.

Beautiful Virtual Reality First Person Experience. Flowing water, fog, and eerie ships surround you. Fire your cannon at the Pirates.

This is a Virtual Reality game for any age.

CUBESAT 4 UFO DISCLOSURE: We are launching a satellite into low Earch orbit (LEO) summer of 2017, and will be recording visual and radioactive data for the study of UFO/UAP's (Unidentified Flying Objects/Unidentified Arial Phenomena).

This is the first time such a mission has taken place, correlating visual evidence with radiation and electromagnetic data.

You can be involved, and be one of the first observers, by subscribing to our services for $20 USD per month. You will receive login capabilities, and will be able to view the satellite data in real-time, before the public is notified of our data and discoveries.

Subscribe here for access to the CubeSat data, or email us at info@finelinelabs.com for more info: