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CUBESAT FOR DISCLOSURE We are launching a satellite into low Earch orbit (LEO) summer of 2018, and will be recording visual and radioactive data for the study of UFO/UAP's (Unidentified Flying Objects/Unidentified Arial Phenomena). This is the first time such a mission has taken place, correlating visual evidence with radiation and electromagnetic data.

You can be involved, and be one of the first observers, by subscribing to our services for $25 USD per month. You will receive login capabilities, and will be able to view the satellite data in real-time, before the public is notified of our data and discoveries.

Subscribe here for access to the CubeSat data, or email us at info@finelinelabs.com for more info:

PRODUCT INFORMATION CubeSat Data: by subscribing you will receive all data directly from our Satellite, relayed through the NSL GlobalStar network via our CubeSat modem.
Data includes: images taken by our CubeSat cameras of Earth and Space; Ionized and EM Radiation measurements.
Cost: $25 USD per month.
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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS AND INFORMATION: We have raised the full amount for our mission. $16625USD has been paid to Interorbital Systems for the launch (Here is the Launch Manifest: scroll to bottom, our launch is under Dave Cote). Launch is scheduled for summer 2018. Also, components of the cubesat have been purchased, totalling approximately $14000USD, and have been built by Matt Lippert, our technician at AFIT (Air Force Institute of Technology).

OUR CUBESAT CAPABILITIES: Ionized radiation: we have a scintillation counter that enables us to measure the various radiation in our satellite's environment. This is significant as it enables us to detect high energy particles, radiation, and other phenomenon.

Electromagnetism: we have the ability to detect EM, which is commonly measured in higher relative amounts during UFO encounters.

Cameras: we will use two cameras with parabolic lenses, giving us a clear 360 degree view around our satellite. We have removed the IR filters to allow us to capture more spectral range.

Electromagnetic detection and imagery will give us enough to verify high energy emitting objects in space. It is VERY IMPORTANT in our mission to be able to correlate multiple data points in our detection of phenomena: if we get anomolous craft or objects in our imagery, we can match that up against any changes in EM and radiation. This will go a long way to help in investigating UFO/UAP.

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MISSION OBJECTIVES AND INSTRUMENTATION: Build a 2U CubeSat to search for anomalies in Low Earth Orbit
Must be capable of receiving command and transmitting telemetry and mission data down.
Experiments include:
Real-time magnetometer observations
Real-time geiger counter observations
On-orbit HD image capture of surrounding Low Earth Orbit
Capable of taking images in 5 second increments
Transmitting images down and release images to public raw(untampered/unedited)
Capable of coarse pointing accuracy Global Shutter for capturing moving objects
LT Command and Data Handler/Electrical Power System Board
32-bit AVR flash microcontroller featuring 512KB Flash, 68KB SRAM
Running OpenSAT FreeRTOS, lightweight multitasking architecture
Redundant µSD storage (2x 8GB)
Real Time Clock
On-board Temperature Sensor
4x External Temperature Sensor(user mountable)
External(from µController) On-board Watchdog
USB Bootloader
Virtual USB for easy Debugging
On-board Inertial Measurement Unit - Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Accelerometer
Compatible with CMOS(UART) camera(TBD)
Compatibility with Lippert Technologies, LLC Flight Radio/Educational Radio
Compatibility with NSL: NearSpace Launch Inc. Eyestar Duplex Modem
Compatibility with Lippert Technologies, LLC OpenSat Educational Payload Board
Compatibility with Lippert Technologies, LLC Magnetorquer Board
Compatible with PC-104 mechanical Interface LT Battery Pack
Li-Ion Battery Pack
Utilizes four 18650 series battery cells
10000 mAh Capacity
~7.4 V voltage Range
Temperature Sensors
Compatible with Lippert Technologies, LLC Command and Data Handler/Electrical Power System
Compatible with PC-104 mechanical interface
LT Magnetorquer Board
3-axis magnetic torque rod system
3-axis magnetometer
Coarse Control Pointing
Three actuators; two torque rods and one air core torquer
Current Sensors for each torquers
Telemetry over I2C
Detumble up to 3U
Direct analog control of actuators with direct PWM signal
Compatible with PC-104 mechanical interface
Compatible with Lippert Technologies, LLC Command and Data Handler/Electrical Power System LT 1U Flight Solar Panel
22% cell efficiency
Coarse Sun Sensor -ADC
Temperature Sensor
Protection Diodes
Voltage: ~12v
Current: 104mA
Power: ~ 1250 mW peak
Compatible with Lippert Technologies, LLC 1U, 2U,3U Chassis LT Flight Imager Payload Board
BeagleBone Black header connector
BeagleBone Black with 8GB SD card included
Geiger Counter
3MP CMOS Sensor Color Camera
35mm lens/F1.9
Camera Mount included
25.8 fps
Global Shutter for capturing moving objects
Rolling Shutter for low-noise, high-contrast images
Near InfraRed version with twice the infrared sensitivity
OpenSat Payload Software Package
JPEG Compression
Compatible with PC-104 mechanical interface LT 2U Flight Chassis
AL 6061
Tight Tolerances TBD
Detachable Side Panels
Kill-switch mechanism
PC-104 compatible
94mm x 94mm PCBs
Compatible with NSL’s Eyestar Duplex Modem

NOW, A BIT ON DISCLOSURE: For the past 70 years, the topic of extraterrestrial intelligent beings and UFO's has been controversial, if not ridiculed. Despite many sightings and events, government, military and media have made a strong attempt to discredit the idea of extraterrestrial "aliens". And in the face of their apparent "disbelief" of the topic, the same military and governments have spent huge amounts of money secretly studying these "ridiculous" UFO's and aliens. Thanks to freedom of information, and the actions of many with first hand experience, thousands of documents, witness testimony and data have surfaced, making the ridicule posed on ufology by media and governments seem staged and forced, with a very secret intent.

To name a few reasons why this topic is important, and why it must be subjected to rigorous scientific study:

1) Countries are beginning to release highly classified documents proving their governments interest in aliens and UFO's.

2) Hundreds of highly credible witnesses have come forward with testimony that at least some UFO's are verifiable alien technology. These witnesses

include a former Canadian Defense Minister, numerous astronauts, high ranking US military officials, pilots, ... Well, I could go on and on, but instead

I will provide a few links for those of you interested in learning more:


What our project aims to do, is to use a low orbit satellite, controlled by us individuals, to study potential objects that emit high energy radiation.

Maybe we'll get data readings and pictures of solar-flare caused auroras. Maybe we'll capture images of some very interesting meteors. And maybe we'll actually capture a verifiable craft. All we can do is try, and by doing this our way, we can open-source the data to you, the individuals.